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Volunteer Opportunities

The GL Foundation can only get things done if people are kind enough to volunteer their time, skills and effort. We realize that you have very busy lives and many of you have to care for young children, so we welcome and appreciate any time and effort that you would like to volunteer.

Jobs for which volunteers are needed include the following:

  • We need a “Chairperson for the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)”. This person is responsible for organizing and collecting feedback from the PAC, placing ‘poll’ questions on facebook to collect feedback from website visitors regarding resource and support needs of parents, and communicating recommendations to the CGRN.
  • We need a “Blog/Newsletter Editor” to write and post newsletter/blog updates on our website so visitors/parents are aware of new resources available.
  • Organizing fundraising events (our GL Fundraising Chairperson can provide you with a template that will guide you in planning and hosting an event).
  • Distributing materials that create awareness about Childhood Glaucoma during Glaucoma Awareness Month (and all year long).
  • Sharing your story for this website (for use in “MY STORY” section of website).

If you’d like to volunteer then please email us at abroad@gl-foundation.org . We’d love to hear from you!

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