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How Your Contribution Helps

How your contribution Helps:

$10-$50 – helps to pay for eyeglasses, which are commonly needed in a child with glaucoma

$100 – helps to pay for an overnight hotel stay and/or airfare for parents traveling with their child to receive eye care at a distant specialty care center

$500- pays for ultrasound or optic nerve photography/imaging studies to be completed on a child with glaucoma who is uninsured or whose insurance does not cover these important diagnostic tests

$1,000 – pays for mass printing of "After the Diagnosis" educational packets for CGRN doctors to give to parents of children with glaucoma and at risk of low vision.

$5,000 – pays discounted operating room and surgical fees for one procedure for an uninsured child who needs to undergo an examination under anesthesia and treatment for their glaucoma. Many children require multiple procedures, so these costs add up quickly for uninsured or underinsured children

$10,000 – pays for annual software costs to maintain database that captures data on incidence and prevalence of childhood glaucoma, and helps clinicians understand most effective treatment options for different types of childhood glaucoma

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