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Our Programs

The ASSIST Program – Assisting families in Securing Specialized, Individualized Support and Treatment needed to prevent blindness in their child with glaucoma.

Children with glaucoma often come to the attention of the GL Foundation via their local eye doctor or pediatrician. The GLF assists by helping to identify a specialist skilled in the treatment of childhood glaucoma. While we hope to find one as close to home as possible, this often requires traveling some distance to a University setting. ASSIST program funds provide for transportation, housing, and/or medical costs for those unable to afford it. Reimbursement is provided for expenses incurred by the patient and a parent or guardian in order to access specialized medical care. The GL Foundation has negotiated agreements with the University of Miami Bascom Palmer Eye Institute to provide low cost care. The GL Foundation pays for laboratory and hospital services while the physicians donate their time and skill. These relationships uniquely position the GL Foundation to achieve our mission. Additionally, we often partner with other Organizations with greater financial resources to provide patient care, travel, lodging, and other services. This includes the International Kids Fund, American Airlines, and the Ronald McDonald House, whose support helps us to meet the needs of our families and stay within the scope of our program budget.

Childhood Glaucoma International Research Network (CGRN)

The Childhood Glaucoma International Research Network (CGRN) is comprised of clinicians and scientists who specialize in treating children with glaucoma. The CGRN connects doctors around the globe to leverage each member’s unique expertise and understanding of pediatric eye disease and glaucoma in order to promote progress in the care of childhood glaucoma. The CGRN is dedicated to supporting research, education, and process of care projects that result in high quality, evidence based care of children with glaucoma. Because the role of parents is also vital to successful outcomes, the CGRN also supports development of educational resources for parents.

The WebSITE for Parents of Children with Glaucoma

Education of parents and caregivers is vital to the successful treatment of children with glaucoma. Most parents are eager to find out more after a diagnosis; The WebSITE was developed to provide Support, Information, Tools, and Education about childhood glaucoma and the special needs a family may have in caring for their child with glaucoma. We believe that a parent is the child’s best advocate and must be informed to be successful. The goal of iSITE is to encourage and empower parents to take an active role in the care of their child with glaucoma so all children can receive the best care possible. These resources can be accessed from the comfort of a parent’s home or local library, and will not require the financial means or time required to travel to parent education seminars. Our goal is to launch this website in May 2012.

The EQUIP Program

We provide funding for equipment/instrument needs and training for physicians in distant, less developed regions in the US and worldwide so that specialized care can be provided at a more local level. We have equipped areas of Central and South America and Europe and instructed local Ophthalmologists on the surgical techniques used to treat this form of glaucoma. We continue to seek skilled surgeons with an interest in providing this care in remote regions.

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